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Suite 4Q
New York, NY

(917) 297-3497

Shop Rachel Brown Jewelry, the trendy jewels which are spiritual and worn by many celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, Heather Thomson of RHONY and Yummie, and more! All pieces are custom made and engraved with Kabbalistic messages which are comforting and inspiring.

What is Kabbalah


The word Kabbalah means “receiving”.  The wisdom of Kabbalah is all about how to receive everything we could possibly need and want in our life through the spiritual system that Kabbalah teaches. These spiritual laws of the universe take the soul through a journey toward ultimate fulfillment.  Kabbalah is not a religion, but a set of values to learn and adapt into your everyday life in order to reach one's potential and perfected self.