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Shop Rachel Brown Jewelry, the trendy jewels which are spiritual and worn by many celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, Heather Thomson of RHONY and Yummie, and more! All pieces are custom made and engraved with Kabbalistic messages which are comforting and inspiring.


Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

The Inspiration Behind My Jewelry

It is my greatest dream to be able to combine my lifelong passion for designing beautiful things with the spiritual fulfillment I endlessly receive through my study of Kabbalah.   My mission is to share this Light with the world using my jewelry designs as the medium for achieving this goal.  Through my prayers, it is my wish that the Kabbalistic meditations engraved upon my jewelry bring the wearer blessings, protection, perfect health, prosperity, and miracles. I am thrilled to announce the launch of my newest spiritually inspired collections: Children, Names and Initials, Alcoholics Anonymous, Religious, and Dogs.

My signature collection of jewelry is composed of sterling silver lightly plated in 24K gold. I have chosen this process because the gold wears off over time, the pieces become oxidized and scratched, can become lighter or darker depending on the energy of the person wearing them, and actually take on the individuality and personal expression of one’s soul and character.  The pieces start to look like antiquities over time, appearing as though they had been uncovered from an archaeological dig, thus physically reflecting the 4000 year old wisdom of Kabbalah. In addition to this finish, I favor bronze and white alloy (an industrial metal) which I use to hand cast individual charms and bracelets. I love vermeil (2½ microns of 24K gold plated over sterling silver) which I just started using in my designs!

As a gemologist, I have always been fascinated with gemstones and the visualization of color and light.  My exclusive one-of-a-kind private collection which may be viewed in “Rachel’s personal collection” is composed of gemstones such as pearl, cameo shell, lava stone, hematite, pyrite, amethyst, rock crystal quartz, black tourmaline, onyx, tiger’s eye and ruby.  The gemstones and minerals I have selected have a rich and earthy feel which serve as a dramatic backdrop for the powerful Kabbalistic meditations I use in this collection

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The Spiritual Roots of My Jewelry

Kabbalah reveals the spiritual teachings of the universe and hidden secrets of the Torah written in a book called the Zohar, the definitive text of Kabbalah.  I have studied Kabbalah for many years with teachers from all over the world, and have been able to  grow and transform in all aspects of my life.

My primary jewelry line is based on Kabbalistic meditations composed of the 22 letters of the hebrew alphabet which Kabbalah recognizes as the DNA of the universe; thus, my pieces are engraved with hebrew letters expressing variations of these meditations.  The spiritual power behind these meditations connect one to “mind over matter”, total control of one’s life, and to a realm of bliss where no chaos exists.  Simply scan the engraved letters on my jewelry with your eyes and the energy will emanate to your soul and throughout your existence.  Kabbalah states that the “eyes are the windows of the soul”, so that when one scans the Hebrew letter combinations, a spiritual technology takes place as the soul connects to and downloads these energies.  I am so happy to share this spiritual knowledge through my designs.
A percentage of the sale of each item purchased will be contributed to your favorite charity.