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Shop Rachel Brown Jewelry, the trendy jewels which are spiritual and worn by many celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, Heather Thomson of RHONY and Yummie, and more! All pieces are custom made and engraved with Kabbalistic messages which are comforting and inspiring.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be Jewish to wear Kabbalah jewelry?

Am I going against my religion if I wear Kabbalah jewelry? Kabbalah is all about the spiritual laws of the universe and has nothing to do with Judaism or religion.  Its all about being spiritual and connecting to positive energies via the letter combinations engraved on the jewelry; its about unity with all peoples of the world.

Can I still wear the jewelry and connect to its Light if I can't read Hebrew?

Kabbalah says that the “eyes are the windows of the soul”, so when you scan the letters in the direction of right to left, your soul recognizes the letter combinations as a vibrational energy that is drawn down from the universe.  This “spiritual technology” works similarly to a barcode on an item in a grocery store. The combination of characters is scanned and the information documented. Your soul internalizes these light filled energy entities or “angels” simply by scanning.

Should I learn how to pronounce the the letter engravings?

The letter combinations are NOT words, but names of G-d and should therefore NOT be pronounced.  Even if one knows the Hebrew language, they won't know what the letter combinations are since they do not spell words. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the meanings and secrets behind the coded lettering.

Don't I need to be 40 years old to study Kabbalah?

The world is now in the Age of Aquarius, a time where spiritual knowledge from many channels is available to the masses. People need spirituality in their life more than ever, as the global climate and personal condition become more vulnerable.  Rav and Karen Berg, the kabbalists of our time, have brought this wisdom to the layman and have disseminated this knowledge in a way for all to comprehend.

Is it a bad idea to walk into a bathroom wearing Kabbalah jewelry?

Rav Berg, a famous kabbalist, states that “Consciousness is Everything”. When you walk into a bathroom your thoughts  are not focused or concentrating on the meditation engraved on your jewelry, therefore, no negativity is created.

How do I care for and clean my jewelry?

There are no chemical coatings or manufacturer’s sealants on Rachel’s jewelry, so pieces may oxidize over time to intentionally appear “antique”, not dirty. If your jewelry is looking too dark for your taste and style, you may use a brass cleaner for brass pieces and silver liquid cleaner for silver pieces. These cleaners may be purchased at any hardware store. Also, a soft cloth may be used on all pieces to gently rub off any dirt accumulation.