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Suite 4Q
New York, NY

(917) 297-3497

Shop Rachel Brown Jewelry, the trendy jewels which are spiritual and worn by many celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, Heather Thomson of RHONY and Yummie, and more! All pieces are custom made and engraved with Kabbalistic messages which are comforting and inspiring.

Aqua Serenity Prayer Wrap Bracelet

AA Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Jewelry collection from Rachel Brown Jewelry

Rachel Brown Jewelry has designed AA recovery support bracelets

Bracelets are engraved with AA slogans such as "One Day at a Time", "Easy Does It'. The collection carries Serenity Prayer bracelets and cuffs as well.

Aqua Serenity Prayer Wrap Bracelet

Aqua _Serenity Prayer_ Snap B115 $79_39, 3_4_ .jpg
Aqua _Serenity Prayer_ Wrap .jpg
Aqua _Serenity Prayer_ Snap B115 $79_39, 3_4_ .jpg
Aqua _Serenity Prayer_ Wrap .jpg

Aqua Serenity Prayer Wrap Bracelet

22.00 79.00

Aqua Serenity Prayer Wrap Bracelet

(3/4" wide, one-size-fits-all)

Keep the serenity prayer close at hand with this  aqua leather wrap bracelet. 

Embossed are the words" God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change/ Courage to change the things I can/ And wisdom to know the difference".

Suitable for both for women and men. This one of a kind serenity bracelet is the perfect gift to give to someone in recovery or for someone needs inspiration.

Made in New York

100% genuine high quality leather

Now available in NATURAL or VEGAN leather - make your selection in the comments at checkout.

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